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I’ve longed to go on a road trip. But I don’t have money for gas or worst a car. I want to witness sunrises from different cities. I want to see the sun rise peeking out from a mountain at 6 in the morning or a sunrise at the city where you can see gleaming, reflecting lights from the windows of the skyscrapers. I want to see the sun set at the beach where we can see the colors indigo, blue and my favorite Orange. Not like Effie’s hair but orange like the sunset like what Peeta have said to Katniss. I want to see those colors from different beaches and as the sky goes dark and the colors all fade, all I want is to be with someone special, maybe not a boyfriend, a best friend perhaps or a brother or sister. Anyone as long as they will treasure the moment just like how I treasure it like the most precious diamond on earth.

I want to see different cities and experience their culture an traditions. I want to witness how the locals dance around the bonfire while they make their sacrifices and how they chant for the spirits to help them. I want to see how they lived in the past and now they still live the same, how they keep their traditions/ I want to be one of those little buzzing bees in a busy city. How modernize and techy it looks. Instead of tall 100 foot trees I can see skyscrapers. Instead of smoke from a bonfire I can see steam coming out from down there. Instead of green leaves I can see bright shining colors made by those expensive LED TVs. I want to witness the past and the present by going on a road trip leading to different places.

I want to go on a road trip that leads to nowhere, anywhere.

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