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Things that we do too much.

We expect too much. We expect a lot from the people that we love. We contemplate that we would also receive the equal love and effort that we are giving them. We assume that everything that we do to them would be reciprocated because that’s a relationship should work out, right? But some lovers can not meet our expectations that is why we end up being disappointed in them and to ourselves. We become unsatisfied with things that’s happening in our lives because we presume too much about the things that we want to happen and then hurt ourselves later when things did not work out the way we wanted them to be.

We wish too much. We aspire too much to the extent that what we really want isn’t realistic anymore. We dream to reach the highest stars that we forget to consider our capabilities if we could really reach that star. Sometimes, we aspire too much that we forget that we should also work for it, we should also take action to our dreams and wishes. Yes, there is nothing wrong with wanting to have the best things in life but sometimes, all that we do is just wish, we forget that we could never reach them if we don’t move. Every wish would come true if we exert enough effort for it to become reality.

We care too much. We concern ourselves too much to some people who do not give a shit about us. We think about them too much and we do a lot of things for their own welfare that we forget about our own. We worry too much about them that we forget that we also have our own worries in our life. It is not wrong to care for others but we should also keep in mind that we also have to take care of ourselves. It is not right to lose ourselves just for the sake of taking care of others. We should not give our everything to them, we should also keep something for ourselves.

We overthink too much. We exhaust ourselves with ideas and thoughts that sometimes doesn’t matter. We just spend a lot of times thinking about things that we want to happen, things that should have happened, things that we should do or things that you should have done but didn’t. We make our minds tired of thinking that we forget that instead of thinking, we should start doing. Yes, we have to plan before doing something but sometimes, we keep on torturing our minds with ideas that we could not transfer them with actions. Sometimes, we should stop thinking and just do it.

We love too much. We devote ourselves too much with the ones we love. We give them our whole heart. We give them everything that we have. We make them our whole world that we forget that we also have our own world. We give them all our time, we would like to spend with them every second of our lives because that’s just how you love someone. But sometimes, we love someone too much that we forget that we also have to love ourselves. This is the main reason why we are hurting so much once the love of our lives walks away from us. We do not know how to start because we have given them everything that we have. That is why it is always important to love ourselves first before loving someone else.

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    We expect too much. We expect a lot from the people that we love. We contemplate that we would also receive the equal...
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    We expect too much. We expect a lot from the people that we love. We contemplate that we would also receive the equal...
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