This blog is like coffee. Each member contributes coffee, cream, sugar and hot water. Coffee bean makes you see life-- life where there's always bitterness. Sugar is what makes it sweet; coffee makes it light and this blog serves as the hot water. It’s where you can find a great harmonious relationship filled with love.

This is escafeism and I am escapist <3

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Dapat talaga kilalanin muna yung tao bago mahalin, para naman matanggap mo siya kahit may hindi tama man sa ugali niya. Kapag ganun kasi, hindi kana madaling ma turn off, instead mas mamahalin mo pa siya. Kasi natural lang naman talaga yan, kung lalabas man ang tunay na ugali, ibig sabihin nun, kumportable na siya sayo at wala siyang tinatago, may tiwala siya sayo na maiintindihan mo siya. Yung iba kasi mahal agad kahit hindi pa ganun ka kilala, kaya nasasaktan sila, kasi hindi nila inasahan na ganun pala ang ugali, ganun pala ang pagkatao, kaya mabibigla. At ang kalalabasan, matturn-off at mapupunta lang sa wala. Kaya kung magmamahal ka, dapat kilalang-kilala mo na siya, kilala niyo na ang isa’t isa. At dapat din mahal ka niya.

Kung sa tingin mo, kaya mo pa. Lumaban ka! Pero kung talagang para sayo di na tama, itigil mo na. Wag mo ng pilitin ang sarili mong intindihin ang mga nangyayari. Lalo na kung di naman niya ginagawa ito at wala na siyang pakialam sayo. Magpapakatanga ka pa ba? Dapat isipin mo rin ang sarili mo. Kahit na masakit, kahit na mahirap, para sayo lang din ‘to.


Some of you may not see her as “attractive” as other girls out there. But I’m really attracted to her, especially on her personality.

It’s not the looks that counts anyway. It’s how a person can handle you inspite of your imperfections.


(— Act of true love. // cjr)

They were kids in love. She was blind, she took the surgery but he has to leave for the U.S. So, he flew. She never saw him and after 12 years they meet again not knowing that in front of them was the only love of their life. 

How is it beautiful to love someone that never fades along with time. To love someone so dearly even of distance seems to be endless. How is it beautiful to love someone all your life, your heart only reserved to that one person. This is another story that sometimes its not the eyes or the physical attributes we have that makes know each other well. Its heart that matters. Its the heart the knows him, its the heart that knows he is the one I’ve been loving for my whole life. How is it beautiful to have a love like this, endlessly loving each other in presence or in absence. A love like this is not that easily destroyed for this is the love the is rooted from deep within. 

A letter for every time I miss you.

If I write letters when I miss you, I could fill a box for every time I do it. I keep it with me, I keep all my thoughts that I always wanted to say to you when you’re not around. Until such time when letters and days I miss you are already countless, I send them to you. Read it. I want you to know that not a single day passed that I did not think of you. Read it and think again, am I the person that loves you so much that you won’t ever give a damn about or is it that day you realize, I am worth keeping because finding a person like me, who loves you even in separation, does not stop. If to love you means writing for you. I will never stop. 

"Hindi ka nagkulang. Hindi lang talaga sya marunong magpahalaga."

(— A)

Be super.

Everyone has super powers. No, not the supernatural you can fly or lift heavy objects thing but the powers I’m talking about are our God given talents. Yeah, that’s right. God gave us super talents so we can share them with the world. If your talent is something related to music then play melodious songs that can easily turn a frown upside down! If your talent is more on the literature side then write something, spill that ink and inspire someone today. Save a life with your super talents! Saving a life doesn’t have to be catching someone falling off a building scenario but by simply making them smile can save their life.

Let’s face it. Everyone has weaknesses. Superman’s is krytonite, Mr. incredible is his family.  But they’re fictional characters and you’re real, they exist because of our wide imagination. We made them therefore we are stronger and better of course so maybe we can’t be just super or incredible but something even better. We can be the best! Yes, you. You can be the best on what you do. Don’t let imperfections stand in your way, kick them off their feet and shine because you were born to do that. Don’t just exist, you should live. Be super and after that be better then be the best.

May mga bagay na kahit anong pilit mong abutin, hinding hindi mo makukuha.

Bakit? Kasi ibig sabihin nun may mas better pa siyang ibbigay. Yung kahit hindi mo hingin, kusang darating kasi un talaga ung nilaan niya para sayo.

We just have to wait for that perfect time. Huwag atat. Si bro nga chill lng e, dapat tayo din. ü

"Nasasaktan ka kasi nagmamahal ka ng taong hindi naman nakikita
ang halaga mo."

"Nothing hurts more than knowing that he is just waiting for you to let him go so he could settle down with his new one."

(— A)

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