This blog is like coffee. Each member contributes coffee, cream, sugar and hot water. Coffee bean makes you see life-- life where there's always bitterness. Sugar is what makes it sweet; coffee makes it light and this blog serves as the hot water. It’s where you can find a great harmonious relationship filled with love.

This is escafeism and I am escapist <3

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"Don’t get easily attached to someone you’ve just seen each passing day. To someone whom made you feel that you’re important and fun to be with. Be stout enough to neglect the chances of longing and missing them. Be invincible as long as you can. Because there will be a moment that they will leave you and depart from your life and you’ll realize that they’ve took a part from you that you’ll never get back again even though you didn’t meant to give it away."

(— xxii)

"You don’t need to pretend that you already moved on. You don’t need to use someone just to forget him/her. Just go with flow, and let your feelings fade little by little. It’s a long process but atleast in the end, it’s all worth it."

(— c.j.r)

"In all honesty, I want to be loved by another so, so much. I want to have someone who is clingy and possessive and thoughtful and sweet. Someone who can’t go to sleep at night because he knows I am mad at him. Someone who would stalk all my SNS accounts and get mad at me for talking to another who seems to be a bit interested in me. Someone who is eager to hear about my day — what I did, who I was with. Someone who’d get jealous if he sees me go out with a group of boys, even if they are just friends. Someone who can’t stand not to text me but will still try nonetheless, just to convince himself that for a while, he can. Someone who would pursue me and walk after me and give me big hugs and love letters and flowers. Someone who would miss me after a week of not seeing me, or even right after he dropped me home. Someone who would take silly, candid pictures of me and still call me beautiful. Someone who would always choose to stay even if it hurts. I want to know how it feels like to have someone love me the way I love him."

(— This is how I love you (m.b) (via maartejade))

There’s a thin line between giving up and trying harder.

Sa love, hindi pwedeng puro puso lang ang gagamitin. Kailangan mo rin konsultahin ang utak mo. May mga pagkakataon kasi na madaling mabulag ang puso. Kahit sobrang nasasaktan na, sobrang wasak na, sobrang durog na, ayaw pa rin niyan sumuko. Hindi ko naman sinasabing kapag nasaktan ka eh sumuko ka na kaagad. Ang akin lang, matuto kang gumamit ng isip mo. Kapag alam mong sobra sobra na, kapag hindi lang isa, dalawa, tatlo o higit pang beses ka na niloko ng taong yun, tama na, awat na, suko na. Maawa ka naman sa sarili mo. Baka sa sobrang pagkawasak ng puso mo eh wala nang pagmamahal ang matira sa’yo. Paano ka naman? Paano naman ang mga tao sa paligid mo na nagmamahal sayo? Bottomline: sa pag-ibig, i-balanse ang paggamit sa puso at isip. :)

"When you’re not happy anymore, whatever comes along with it is irrelevant. You should free yourself and find your own happiness."

(— xxii)

"when i look at you
and you don’t look back,
or when you call me by my name
and not by “babe”
like the way you used to,
i feel like everything was
a dream,
a fantasy
in my magical mind;
we never really happened,
or did we?"

"I will wait for you, I promise."

(— xxii)

"One of the most painful thing in the world is to see your Mother crying."

"Kung magagawa ko lang."


Kung pwede lang i-convert yung mga memories nating dalawa into Video File, edi sana ginawa ko na para palagi kong irereplay at ii-slowmo yung sa oras na niyayakap kita at hinahalikan.

Kung kaya ko lang i-translate yung mga salitang binitawan ko sayo noong tayo pa sa iba’t ibang linggwahe para malaman ng buong mundo kung gaano ako kabaliw sayo hanggang ngayon.

Kung magagawa ko lang paikutin pabalik ang mundo at bumalik sa panahong masaya tayo, sana ginawa ko na sa mga araw na namimiss kita.

Kung maaari lang maging ang IKAW at ang AKO ay muling maging TAYO, edi sana hindi na ko nalulungkot ngayon. Kaso hindi ko kaya eh. Wala akong kapangyarihan, tanging utak at puso lang ang mayroon ako.

At sana sapat na ang pag-ibig kong ito para malaman mong may nagmamahal sayong tao na dati mong tinalikuran at sinaktan.


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